Stencil Film


We make our stencils from this translucent polyester film. It is offered in three thicknesses:  Standard  (125 micron/5 MIL),  Medium (7MIL or 190 micron) and Thick 250 micron/10 MIL.  The standard weight film can be cut with either a scalpel or heat pen cutting tool. The medium film can be cut with a scalpel. Cutting stencils from the thick film needs a heavy-duty scalpel or strong craft knife. 

The film is sold in strips of approximately 12 X 47.5 Inches or 30 X 119 Centimetres, if using metric. If you would like to order a two-foot-wide strip just let us know in the special instruction section of the order form that you would like one complete piece rather than two separate strips. The maximum size that can be rolled up for postage is 34 inches or 86 Centimetres.

It is a semi-transparent, milky white polyester film and is both strong and flexible. It can be cleaned with hot water or solvents.  To draw on the film, use one of our marking pencils.