Stencil Film


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This is the film that we make our stencils from. We offer three weights: standard, medium and thick. The standard 125 film is very useful and can be cut with a scalpel or electric stencil cutting tool. It is a semi-transparent, milky white polyester film and is both strong yet flexible. It is food safe.   Water, oil or solvent based paint products can be used on this film as well as etching creams and texture medium. Use one of our marking pencils to draw on the film when designing your stencil.

The Medium (7MIL or 190 micron) film can be cut with a scalpel.  Cutting stencils from the thick film (10 MIL or 250 Micron) needs a heavy-duty scalpel or strong craft knife. 

The film is sold in strips of approximately 12 X 47.5 Inches or 30 X 120 Centimetres, if using metric. If you would like to order a larger piece see the paragraph below.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are ordering a length of stencil film more than 34 inches (88cms) by 47.5 inches (120cms), we will have to cut the film strips to a maximum of 34 inches (88cm) otherwise it exceeds the size that can be sent by standard post.   Should you want your film to be cut in specific increments (with one side measuring less than 88cm), please tell us in the additional information box on the checkout page. We will do our best to match your requirement. Otherwise the film will be supplied as individual lengths of 12 inches (30 Centimetres). Sending the film by courier rather than post will allow pieces up to 117cms x 120 and purchases will need to be made as a special order by email or phone.