Stencil Brush


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Size 6 stencil brush (large). We have designed these soft-bristled stencil brushes in order to create the perfect stencilling applicator. Working with the proper tools makes the job much easier. They are made in England. The flagged bristles have soft tips which make them perfect for stippling or swirling techniques and they are beneficial when stencilling delicate fabrics. Our stencil brushes are offered in 4 sizes: the small (SB02) has a diameter of 10mm; the medium (SB04) is 15mm diameter; the large (SB06) is 20mm diameter and the xlarge (SB08) is 25mm diameter. You will need a brush for each colour you are going to use at one time. The best average size brush is the medium. The small one is good for shading and detail. Use the large and xlarge brushes for either single colour stencilling jobs or large open areas on your stencil. If you need advice on choosing the best brush for your project please ask us. To help keep the brushes clean and supple after use purchase one of our Brush Scrubbers.