GridFinder sheet


A quick and foolproof method of gridding out surfaces to ensure equal spacing between motifs in any configuration. Use the GridFinder to mark your surface when equal spacing is required prior to stencilling, stamping, handpainting, applique, embroidery & decoupage. Each GridFinder will map 6 different size grids: 3 square grids and 3 offset (diamond) grids. The small sheet is 23.6″ (600mm) and will map 6 grids between 89mm and 401mm; the medium sheet is 35.4″ (900mm) square and will map 6 grids between 130mm and 603mm; the large sheet is 47″ (1200mm) square and will map 6 grids between 173mm and 806mm. If you need details of the specific grid measurements on any sheet, please contact us. Comes with full instructions for use. Available individually or as a set of all three sizes.